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» The History in movement
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PELICHET EXPOSITIONS SA, a unique know-how which bases on more than 125 years of history






Since 1891, Pelichet has been synonymous with movement and removals.


In five generations, the company has taken up every challenge connected with changes in transport by land, sea and air, while also assimilating the most fundamental of all: the revolution in the means  of telecommunication.


From Eaux-Vives to Osaka via every continent and ocean, Pelichet has moved thousands of people with all their possessions to the four corners of the globe.


The Pelichet name is also associated with the history of Geneva and very important events. Such as the move by the League of Nations to the new location of the United Nations: six continuous months of work.


In the 1960s, the company was able to handle the arrival and the requirements of American multinationals and immediately established quality relationships with them: Citibank, CaterpIllar, Procter & Gamble, Du Pont de Nemours, Hewlett-Packard and many more.


In the era of the tremendous economic revolution in Asia, Pelichet will also be present and will take advantage of its lead to set up a network covering all the industrial hubs in the Far East.


In Geneva, the revolution for Pelichet is mainly structural, architectural and technological.  New, totally-automated storage processes are being introduced, both for large, bulky items and infinitely small ones like microfilms.


At the turn of the millennium, other projects were carried out to safeguard the future.  They included:


Extension of our physical presence in Europe: London, Paris and Lyon;


The intensive development of technological tools which facilitate customer decision-making.


These deployments, whether physical or in terms of information technology, have elevated Pelichet to one of the leading group in global management of moves by companies and their staff.